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Hemoglobin Oxidation in Stored Blood Accelerates Hemolysis and Oxidative Injury to Red Blood Cells

Introduction: Maintaining blood supply is a challenge in blood banks. Red blood cells stored at 4 °C have issues of biochemical changes due to metabolism of cells leading to biochemical changes, collectively referred to as “storage lesions”. Oxidation of the red cell membrane leading to lysis contributes to these storage lesions. Methods: Blood bags with […]

Maldives World “hot spot” for Thalassemia

Maldives is a world ‘hot spot’ for thalassemia. The prevalence of b-thalassemia in the population of this country is 18.1%; 1 in 5 people are carriers of the disease and 1 in 120 live births are estimated to be thalassemia majors. Currently, there are more than 700 thalassemia major patients who require regular blood transfusions, […]

Importance of transfusion medicine in Maldives

Over the past many years I have been impressed by the prevalence of blood dyscrasias In Maldives. Reduced levels of hemoglobin are common among all the Maldivians and the consequences thereof seem to be a household story. Then there are various blood cancers, many bleeding disorders and such prevalent hereditary disorders as thalassaemias, sickle cell […]